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Antalis  Group

Antalis was born in 2000 through the mergers of about 40 international distribution companies all over the world.

Antalis is a subsidiary of Sequana. Thanks to its visionary approach to the market, together with the shared experience and business strengths of its constituent companies, Antalis has become the leading merchant paper in Europe. Through harmonised Sales and Marketing, shared supply and logistics systems, a unique brand and positioning, a global market approach and extensive local expertise, Antalis today offers to its customers the widest and most consistent range of products and services.

This exceptional position is the result of strategic steps taken over the last 2 decades.

1991: creation of Arjo-Wiggins Appleton, a result of the merger of the French-based company Arjomari Prioux and the British based company Wiggins Teape Appleton. The merchanting division is named Arjowiggins Merchanting, uniting the 2 distribution divisions of Arjomari-Prioux and Wiggins Teape Appleton.

2000: Arjowiggins Merchanting becomes Antalis. In each country, the different brands from the Arjowiggins Merchanting legacy are gathered under the same umbrella: Antalis. For instance, Wiggins Teape in the UK, Tomas Redondo in Spain, Arjomari Diffusion in France, Mühlebach in Switzerland, Haseldonckx in Belgium and Alpha Papier in the Netherlands all become Antalis.

Between 2000 and 2007, Antalis continues its acquisitions trail entering various geographical markets e.g. Poland with Nitech, Czech Republic and Slovakia, with Smoza, Germany with Bechthold and Chile with GMS. In the same period, Antalis begins its expansion into the Packaging market with the acquisition of Brangs + Heinrich and Dekker Packaging.

End of 2007: Antalis acquires The Map Merchant Group, the paper merchanting division of M-real. Through this acquisition, Antalis becomes number 1 in paper distribution in Europe and number 4 in the world. Antalis is able to extend its services to more customers, especially in Scandinavia, the Baltic States and in Eastern Europe.

The last few years have focused on acquisitions in the high potential Packaging and Visual Communication markets. For packaging these include: Pack 2000 in Germany, Ambassador in UK, and very recently Abitek in Chile and Branopac in Czech Republic. Antalis also acquired Macron, a German based Visual Communication company. These acquisitions cement Antalis leadership in the distribution of papers, packaging solutions and communication support materials.

2013: Antalis acquires Xerox Document Supplies Europe business in 16 countries in Western Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom).

In 2015, Antalis steps up the pace of its development in the growing packaging and visual communication distribution markets, acquiring different companies : PaperlinX’s Packaging companies in the UK, 1st Class Packaging, Donington Packaging Supplies and Parkside Packaging; Hansapakend in Estonia (Packaging); PaperlinX A/S in Denmark, which generates two-thirds of its sales in packaging and one-third in visual communication; and Cadorit i Boras AB in Sweden, which operates exclusively in the visual communication market.

Antalis has also acquired the iconic Data Copy brand from Metsä Board. The acquisition of this leading brand reinforces Antalis’ presence in the office market and enables the company to provide customers with an enlarged office product offer with a wider choice of top-ranking brands with Xerox® and Image.

End of 2016, Antalis pursued its strategy of targeted acquisitions on the buoyant markets of Packaging and Visual Communication products, and continues its market consolidation in paper distribution:
Antalis has acquired TFM Industrial, a Peruvian specialist distributor of packaging products, with sales of around €5 million. This acquisition will strengthen Antalis’s footprint in Latin America where the Group already generates sales of around €18 million in this business in Chile, Bolivia and Peru.

Then, Antalis has signed an agreement to acquire Gregersen, a distributor of visual communication equipment and consumables in Norway, accounting for around €6 million in sales.

In addition, Antalis has continued its consolidation strategy on its historical market with the acquisition of the paper distribution business of Swan Paper in the Republic of Ireland, accounting for sales of approximately €13 million. This acquisition will boost its leadership in a high-growth country where the Group already generates sales of €34 million.

• 2017, (June the 12th), Antalis International IPO

• 2018, Antalis tecknar avtal om förvärv av IGEPAs pappersverksamhet i Norge och Sverige. Förvärvet sker i juni.

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